Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Memory of My Own

The photo was taken in August 1993 in Illiers-Combray, the little village near Chartres that Proust used as the setting for RTP. I was six months pregnant with Christian, our oldest child. Patrick had just graduated from law school, and we celebrated by taking a three-week trip through Paris, the Loire valley, and French-speaking Switzerland. Since we hadn't had any time or money for such things three years earlier when we got married, we pronounced this trip our official honeymoon, and it has become one of our most cherished memories. From my journal on that day:

We reluctantly left [Chartres Cathedral] at about 2 o'clock and headed for Illiers. I was very gratified to see that Illiers looked just like the Combray that Proust describes in Remembrance of Things Past. The hawthorne hedge, the old church--P took a picture of me in front of a plaque. We had a lovely late lunch in Illiers, then got on a poplar-lined country road south to Chambord.


Kara said...

You are six months pregnant in this picture?! You look fantastic! I love your two posts and I personally like the Frenchification-isms (word?), but,alas, don't know how to pronounce any of it. I like to speak my French with a twang--Par-lee-voo Fran-say? Needless to say, I'll be reading my Proust in English.

You have me inspired. I think I'll order me some Proust right now (something about early morning and the excitement of the road has pulled out the Texan in me...forgive my grammatical abuse).
Thanks again for yesterday. You are a pal. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter and Kara

Shannon said...

Now that's a honeymoon! And being pregnant hopefully just enhanced the experience- eat what you like, rest for a while; all the luxuries of vacation.

Christie said...

I have to agree - that's what a honeymoon is supposed to be. Young, in love, skipping around Europe...sigh. So romantic!