Thursday, June 7, 2007

Proust appears on the Daily Show

I'm making progress through Swann's way, coming up with post ideas that keep getting tossed aside. But I had to mention Wednesday night's Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Does anyone else watch? I sometimes watch online. Anyway...

At the end of the episode there was a little exchange with Stephen Corbert, who made some aggressive jabs at the Daily Show. Jon told him there was no need for such hostility. Stephen replied, "As the writer Marcel Proust said, 'Need to is different from likey to.'" Jon questioned Stephen's quote (not to mention pronouncing the name "prowst"). "Prowst really said that?" "Through what he didn't say." Stephen replied, "That's what made him such a great writer. King of subtext. He also said, but I'm not saying it, 'you could lose a few pounds.'"

Catch the literary mayhem here:

And maybe one of these days I'll have something more intelligent to post.